Heidegger and the Dialogue on Language


  • José Manuel Heleno




Our aim is to think about the dialogue between a Japanese and a inquirer, entitled Aus einem
Gespräch von der Sprache. Zwischen einem Japaner und einem Fragendem (1953-54). We try to argue
that, although there is no philosophy of language in Martin Heidegger there is a powerful language
design that marks the relationship with the being. Language becomes a saying that is an
appropriation of what is given, that is, of what appears and becomes present. It is this relationship
with the appearing that shows the power and mystery of language.




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HELENO, J. M. Heidegger and the Dialogue on Language. Aoristo - International Journal of Phenomenology, Hermeneutics and Metaphysics, [S. l.], v. 4, n. 2, p. 219–229, 2021. DOI: 10.48075/aoristo.v4i2.27984. Disponível em: https://e-revista.unioeste.br/index.php/aoristo/article/view/27984. Acesso em: 25 jun. 2022.