Hipsometric of Pinus taeda L. relationship in the municipality of Enéas Marques – Paraná

Kemely alves atanazio, Sandra Mara Krefta, Elisabete Vuaden, Danieli Regina Klein, Gustavo Silva Oliveira, Maycon Thuan Saturnino da Silva


This study aimed to estimate the height of the diameter at breast height by adjusting mathematical equations in a Pinus taeda L. population in the municipality of Eneas Marques, Paraná State, Brazil. For this, we conducted a forest inventory through systematic sampling. In each plot was carried out to measure the circumference at breast height of all individuals, and the overall height of only 30% of them, and other times estimated by the chosen equation. To adjust the hypsometric models was used PROC REG procedure, where ten mathematical models were tested. Of these models were selected that showed the best results of the adjusted determination coefficient, coefficient of variation, calculated F, standard error of the estimate and graphical analysis of waste. Best model chosen was , presenting an adjusted coefficient of determination of 0.7419 a 8.89 coefficient of variation and the best and highest value of F of 1722.95 and a standard error of 0.02.


espécie exótica; inventário florestal; mensuração florestal.

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